Cooperation on Sustainable Raw Materials for
China and Europe


Session 1 – Europe and China similar import dependence - a foundation for cooperation?


  • Mr PENG Qiming, China Mining Association  - Chinese mining and the Green mining initiativ
  • Mr Chris HINDE, STRADE - State of the Market: Chinese and EU Mineral Investments
  • Mr CUI Rong-Guo, Information Center Ministry of Land and Resources - The supply and demand situation of global lithium 
  • Ms YIN Li-Wen, Information Center Ministry of Land and Resources - Global graphite market outlook

Session 2 – Chinese investments into Europe and European investments into China in exploration/mining


  • Mr ZHOU Ping, Research and Development Centre China Geological Survey - The basis and potential in jointly dealing with energy and resource security between China and Europe: In a view of scientific and technological research in CGS
  • Mr Olle ÖSTENSSON, STRADE - Supporting stable international commodity markets – The EU approach
  • Prof SHEN Lei, Institute of Geographic Sciences & Natural Resources Research – Chinese Academy of Sciences - Overview on China’s Rare Earth Industry Restructuring and Regulation Reform
  • Mr. MA Jian-Ming, Information Center Ministry of Land and Resources - Sustainable development of fluor in phosphate deposits

Session 3 – Responsible mining and supply chain management


Session 4 – Joint Chinese and European strategy for increasing net-benefit of resource-rich developing countries