After three years of exciting project work with numerous dialogues and workshops, working with a dedicated research team, with strong support from our international advisory board, the STRADE project successfully came to an end in November, 2018. The final report and the final brochure are available here.

The "Strategic Dialogue on Sustainable Raw Materials for Europe" (STRADE) addresses the long-term security and sustainability of the European raw-material supply from European and non-European countries.

Using a dialogue-based approach, the project brings together governments, industry and civil society to deliver policy recommendations for an innovative European strategy on future EU mineral raw-material supplies.

The project holds environmental and social sustainability as its foundation in its approach to augmenting the security of the European Union mineral raw-material supply and enhancing competitiveness of the EU mining industry.

Over a three year period (2016-2018), the STRADE Consortium of 7 partners, funded by the Horizon 2020 Programme of the European Union, brings together practical experience, legislation, best practice technologies and know-how by addressing:

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Our final brochure can be downloaded here:

STRADE Advisory Board

Bonnie Campbell (Canada) 

Anthony Hodge (Canada) 

Dennis Morrison (Jamaica) 

Eduardo Chaparro (Colombia)

Ousmane Kane (Mauretania

Tom Niemi (Finland

Ousmane Cisse (Senegal) 

Jan Kosmol (Germany) 

Antonio Pedro (UNECA) 

Gudrun Franken (Germany) 

Yusheng Li (China) 

Frank Zhong (China)