STRADE Reports & Concepts

Synthesis Report 07/2018

  • Socio-economic and environmental challenges in EU mineral supply: status quo and fields of EU action (October 2018) by Doris Schueler (Oeko-Institut), Masuma Farooki (MineHutte), Johanna Carstens (Projekt-Consult), Nicolas Eslava (Projekt-Consult GmbH), Peter Dolega (Oeko-Institut) and Stefanie Degreif (Oeko-Institut)

Concept 01/2018

  • Concept for a data and knowledge information system on mineral mining and trade and related environmental and socio-economic issues by Stefanie Degreif, Andreas Manhart, Peter Dolega, Doris Schueler (Oeko-Institut e.V.)

STRADE Policy Briefs

Policy Brief 06/2018

  • Social, economic and environmental challenges in primary lithium and cobalt sourcing for the rapidly increasing electric mobility sector (July 2018) by Doris Schüler, Peter Dolega, Stefanie Degreif (Oeko-Institut e.V.)

Policy Brief 03/2018

  • China's approach towards responsible sourcing (March 2018) by Peter Dolega & Doris Schüler (Oeko-Institut e.V.)

Policy Brief 01/2018

  • Holding European businesses responsible - what role for the EU and member states to govern business conduct in third countries? (January 2018) by Cara-Sophie Scherf, Nele Kampffmeyer, Andreas Hermann (Oeko-Institut e.V.)

Policy Brief 02/2017

  • EU raw material import flows - acknowledging non-EU environmental and social footprints (February 2017) by Doris Schüler, Stefanie Degreif, Peter Dolega, Diana Hay, Andreas Manhart, and Matthias Buchert (Oeko-Institut e.V.)

Policy Brief 01/2017

  • Minerals and metals from non-EU countries - Europe's role and responsibility
    for positive change in industry supply chains
    (February 2017) by Andreas Manhart, Martin Gsell, Diana Hay, Doris Schüler (Oeko Institut e.V.)

Policy Brief 07/2016

  • Voluntary initiatives in the mining sector and their principles and criteria on environmental sustainability (November 2016) by Doris Schüler, Stefanie Degreif, Peter Dolega, Matthias Buchert (Oeko-Institut e.V.) and reviewed by Gudrun Franken (Federal Institute for Geosciences and Natural Resources, Germany)

Policy Brief 04/2016

  • Outlining Environmental Challenges in the Non-Fuel Mining Sector (22 September 2016) by Peter Dolega, Stefanie Degreif, Matthias Buchert, Doris Schüler (Oeko-Institut e.V.) and reviewed by Jan Kosmol (German Environment Agency)