STRADE Reports

Synthesis Report 06/2018

  • EU cooperation strategy with resource-rich developing and emerging countries (October 2018) by Johanna Carstens, Viviana Lozano, Nicolas Eslava (Projekt-Consult GmbH)

Synthesis Report 03/2018

  • Successful implementation of conflict mineral certification and due diligence schemes and the European Union’s role: lessons learned for responsible mineral supply (July 2018) by Nicolas Eslava (Projekt-Consult GmbH)

Concept 01/2018

  • Concept for a data and knowledge information system on mineral mining and trade and related environmental and socio-economic issues by Stefanie Degreif, Andreas Manhart, Peter Dolega, Doris Schueler (Oeko-Institut e.V.)

Country Case Studies

  • STRADE Country case studies: Rwanda and Democratic Republic of Congo by Jürgen Runge & Diderot Nguepjouo (ZIAF)

Stakeholder Survey

  • Evaluation of stakeholder surveys 2017-2018 by means of questionnaires on the topic of “Aligning EU Cooperation with resource-rich developing countries” by Jürgen Runge, Diderot Nguepjouo (ZIAF), Johanna Carstens (Project-Consult GmbH)

STRADE Policy Briefs

Policy Brief 04/2018

  • Africa & the European Union – Renewing Sustainable Partnerships in the Extractives Sector (March 2018) by Masuma Farooki & Paul Jourdan - SNL Financial (UK) & WITS (South Africa)

Policy Brief 09/2017

  • The artisanal and small-scale mining (ASM) sector and its importance for EU cooperation with resource-rich developing and emerging countries (November 2017) by Johanna Carstens (Projekt-Consult GmbH)

Policy Brief 08/2017

  • Aligning EU cooperation with resource-rich developing and emerging countries‘ needs – key elements for creating win-win partnerships and a strategy for sustainable mineral supply (October 2017) by Johanna Carstens, Viviana Lozano, Jürgen Runge, Didrot Nguepjouo
    (Projekt-Consult GmbH)

Policy Brief 06/2016

  • African Evaluation of European Union’s Approach to Raw Materials
    Engagements: A Review of Responses and Proposals
    (November 2016) by Paul Jourdan (Wits University) and Sodhie Naiker (Kai Batla)