Projekt-Consult GmbH

[pas encore traduit :] Projekt-Consult GmbH is a German-based consultancy company working in the field of international cooperation for more than 30 years. Projekt-Consult has gained diverse experience in mining & mineral resources. In 2014, Projekt-Consult became a member of the GFA Consulting Group.

Among the clients are German and international development cooperation agencies, such as the Federal Institute for Geosciences and Natural Resources (BGR), German International Cooperation (GIZ), KfW (German financial cooperation). Projekt-Consult also serves bilateral and multilateral donor institutions, such as the Swiss SDC and SECO, World Bank, United Nations and European Commission. Regional development banks, such as the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), Caribbean Development Bank (CDB) are also among the clients.

In 2014, Projekt-Consult has become a member of GFA Consulting Group GmbH – one of the leading European consulting companies for implementing development cooperation programs worldwide.

Projekt-Consult offers consultancy services at all levels of project planning, implementation, and monitoring. Most of the company's activities involve medium and long-term projects.

The company's head office in Bad Vilbel (near Frankfurt, Germany) is in constant contact with its project experts around the world through modern telecommunication technologies. Its extensive experience in backstopping, project management, and project implementation allows staff members to carry out a broad spectrum of special tasks and develop tailor-made solutions for clients’ demands. The staff is trained in working with and managing interdisciplinary and intercultural teams around the world. This provides high flexibility while implementing projects and programs. To date, Projekt-Consult has worked in more than 70 countries.

The main objective of Projekt-Consult is to design and implement innovative approaches and development policy strategies. These approaches and strategies are used in projects in cooperation with donors, project partners and other stakeholders. During implementation, great importance is given to transferring professional know-how. Also central is the active participation of affected local groups, commencing with the early planning stages and continuing throughout the project until the final stage of follow-up assistance.

To support local action, Projekt-Consult places emphasis on complementary interventions at the political, legal, and institutional levels as well as on strengthening intermediary groups. Integral solutions are developed and adapted according to the socioeconomic, cultural, and ecological needs of the beneficiaries. This includes focusing on options that create win-win situations by combining economic benefits for the target groups with positive environmental and social effects.

Working closely with the target groups, Projekt-Consult believes that a multi-disciplinary approach, professionalism of trained personnel and highest quality standards for the services offer the best prerequisites for effectively achieving sustainable outcomes in technical and social projects.

Since 1988 Projekt-Consult has systematically developed competence and excellence in the mineral resources sector. Projekt-Consult focuses on artisanal, small and medium-scale producers and has evolved from technical to holistic project approaches. In addition to technical issues, a holistic project approach accounts for socioeconomic, legal, organizational, and managerial issues, as well as environmental performance and policy dialogue. The project partners are in the private, civil, and public sectors. In the private sector the company focuses on producers, mineral traders, as well as financing agents and mining equipment suppliers.  Partners from the civil sector include foundations, associations, umbrella organizations, and representatives from mining communities. Projekt-Consult´s partners in the public sector are mining and geology departments, environmental agencies, and local and regional governments and administrations.

In the field of mineral sector promotion, capacity building, and institutional strengthening, Projekt-Consult has gained more than 25 years of experience in the following areas:

  • Responsible mineral extraction
  • Resource governance
  • Promoting and formalizing artisanal and small-scale mining
  • Competitiveness and qualification in the mining sector
  • Mineral and mine certification and labeling
  • Strategic advice on sustainable resource policies for public and private institutions

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