[pas encore traduit :] GEORANGE is a non-profit organization whose main task is to expand the concept of "development" in the mining and minerals industry. GEORANGE today organization has about 67 members from municipalities, organizations, Universities and private companies.

In order to create sustainable growth we need to use our ore- and mineral resources much better. The organization aims to create conditions that inspire development of new and existing companies through concrete networking and co-operation activities. We work with these activities in a strategic way so an increased international competence is achieved. New business ideas shall be born out of our networking activities. New businesses can be generated and new thinking can create change in operation in already existing companies so they can meet the new demands from the ore- and min-eral industry. Activities include:

  • Co-operative Marketing both national and international
  • Co-operate on new markets
  • Competence development through networking
  • Exchange of production resources
  • Information mediation
  • Educational co-operation
  • Localization
  • Common administrative functions
  • Development of presentation material
  • Specific activities toward traditional branches for women
  • Participate/organizing trade fairs and conferences
  • Internationalization, increase the awareness of our international growth potential
  • Work with the supply of manpower in co-operation with relevant actors
  • Thematic meetings

For the years 2012-2015, GEORANGE will focus on five areas.

  1. To secure a recurring meeting place for mining, mineral and associated industries in the north of Sweden.
  2. Finding and forming a working network of companies, academic and public participants.
  3. To create constructive and efficient methodologies to be used in case of activities overlapping in time within the same land areas.
  4. In cooperation with education- and research institutions, develop mining- and prospecting related environmental research in order to develop competitive companies within environmental techniques.
  5. To increase public knowledge of Geology through investments into educational organizations.

The organization aims to create conditions that inspire for the development of new and existing companies through concrete activities mentioned below.

2008 - 2011 our organization was running a project financed by the European Union Regional Development Fund, this have now been successfully closed and reported. We have during these years carried out a number of activities and have been able to generate good results that will strengthen our future operations in our organization. A few results that we generated through this project:

  • Established the trade fare Euro Mine Expo ( and secured it’s continuation by transferring the trademark to Nolia.
  • Established the yearly seminar “The future Mining and Mineral industry” where Georange in cooperation with Nordic publishing invites decision-makers from parliamentary committees and government agencies, experts and stakeholders from the Swedish mining and minerals industry, as well as from the financial sector to focus on the industry of today- its possibilities and its increased role for business development in Sweden.
  • Established the Geo Expo in Malå. Our hope is that this will be an exciting place for the public to visit to learn more about Metals, Minerals, Environment, Mining, and Prospecting etc. Our aim is to make the public aware of the importance of metals and minerals in our modern society.
  • Established the Georange Environmental Testsite (GEET) which offers an infrastructure for R&D suitable not only for the researchers funded directly by the project but also for other scientists and industry partners who have an interest in pursuing environmental research in climatic conditions typical of the boreal region. A pilot scale test cells for studies of different methods for remediation is one the facilities GEET offers.
  • Developed the “The Georange guidelines for consultation & disclosure” The purpose of these guidelines is to assist developers and other stakeholders in minerals and exploration projects in the process of consultation and disclosure. The guidelines have been developed by Georange’s specialist group on land use, which includes representatives from local and regional authorities, industry, a Sami village, and other experts.

Through active engagement in different fields Georange have become an organization that policy makers, the mining and mineral industry and regional development agencies often is seeking cooperation with.

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